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What Can You Do To Help Your Young Child Learn A Second Language?

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Exposing a young child to a foreign language has many benefits, including a boost in creativity and problem-solving. It can also be helpful in pushing your child towards reaching milestone achievements earlier than his or her peers. If you are interested in teaching your young child another language, here are some tips you can use.   Enroll Your Child in a Linguistic Daycare At a linguistic daycare, your child will have exposure to a foreign language and learn how to apply his or her skills in everyday settings. Read More»

The Importance Of Play At Your Child's Child Care Center

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When you think of your child’s schooling, what is it that you think of? You may tend to view education in opposition to play, or a time allotment for play as something given to a child for studying hard or doing his or her schoolwork. Did you know, however, that play is an essential characteristic of learning? Especially during your child’s early, formative years, play plays an integral role in the emotional and intellectual development of a child. Read More»

3 Secrets To Succeeding In A New Career As A Health Care Aide

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If you are looking into jobs in the Canadian health care industry, then a career as a healthcare aide may be perfect for you. Training classes for health care aids, sometimes called nursing attendants, are relatively brief, so you can begin a new career much more quickly when embarking in this career than you can if you decide to become a full-fledged nurse. Many people also work as health care aids to pay the bills as they go to school to become nurses. Read More»