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What Can You Do To Help Your Young Child Learn A Second Language?

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Exposing a young child to a foreign language has many benefits, including a boost in creativity and problem-solving. It can also be helpful in pushing your child towards reaching milestone achievements earlier than his or her peers. If you are interested in teaching your young child another language, here are some tips you can use.  

Enroll Your Child in a Linguistic Daycare

At a linguistic daycare, your child will have exposure to a foreign language and learn how to apply his or her skills in everyday settings. Through interactive play and numerous other tasks during the day, your child will naturally pick up some of the basics of another language.   In addition to learning more about another language, your child has a chance to learn more about other cultures. Early exposure to various cultures not only encourages curiosity, but it can help your child to be more tolerant of other cultures and beliefs.  

Attend Related Cultural Events

You can reinforce the skills that your child is learning at the linguistic daycare by attending cultural events in your community with your child. By doing this, you give your child a chance to put into action the words and phrases that he or she is learning throughout the day at daycare.  

For instance, if your child is learning Spanish, taking him or her to a Cinco de Mayo celebration in your city is a chance for him or her to interact with native Spanish speakers and learn more about Mexican culture.  

Provide Entertainment Materials

At home, it is important that you continue the lessons that your child is learning at daycare. One way to do this is to ensure there are learning and entertainment materials in your home that are in the language that he or she is learning.  

For instance, you should have music and movies that are age-appropriate that are in the language that your child is learning. While enjoying the materials with your child, ask him or her questions to encourage full participation and immersion in the language.  

Ask your child's daycare teacher for recommendations. Chances are, he or she is also using materials in the daycare class and using some of the same ones in your home can help reaffirm what your child is learning. Asking for recommendations also helps to ensure that you are selecting materials that have been vetted by a professional so you know they are suitable.