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Making Your Online Search For An Education Job As Efficient As Possible

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For those seeking employment in education, an online job platform is a welcome sight. Here you have many openings, all for education jobs, all in one place. However, not all jobs will appear on one site. Even a major, well-known education employment site will not have a comprehensive list of openings. You need to check multiple sites. You can zoom in on a few that work well for you, of course, but don't limit yourself to one or two because if you're looking for a job, you don't want to miss an opening just because you decided to limit your search. Find a few job boards with lots of listings, and keep individual company and system platforms in mind, too.

Always Double-Check with School Systems and College Websites Directly

In addition to using employment platforms, always check with the school system or college website directly to see if the opening is listed there, too. Employment platforms may get listings directly from the school because many companies now, including school systems, will post openings on job platforms that include application functions instead of their own website. However, others basically scrape the Web for openings and can contain older openings that have since been filled. This is why double-checking is a good idea, since you don't want to apply for jobs that are no longer open.

Play Around with Search Settings in General Education Job Sites

There are platforms that focus on a particular subset of the education world, such as elementary school or higher education only. If you're not looking for a higher-education job, for example, then that higher-ed site won't help you, and you know not to use it. You know you need to use a platform that focuses on the grades you want to work with.

However, other sites are more general. When using these general sites, play around with the search settings. It's easy to click a few buttons and enter basic terms like grade levels or cities, but that can get you millions of jobs that make it impossible to really search well. You'll find more targeted results and less extra "noise" when you enter more specific terms. The key is finding out what combinations pull up the jobs you want without bombarding you with postings with vaguely related titles that you're not interested in.

Keep Track of When New Postings Appear

When new postings appear will vary between platforms. Some update listings as soon as they are added to the system, while others may update at the top of each hour or at a certain time each day. Observe each platform and try to determine when new listings appear. You'll want to check regularly but not obsessively; there's no point in refreshing a job site every half hour if you know they add listings at only one or two times each day.

Online employment-seeking platforms are very helpful once you understand how each platform works. Your search will be better organized, and you'll find the search terms and combinations that best serve you to find employment.