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How to Prepare Your Teen for Driving Education

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You may be feeling a bit uneasy about the prospect of your teen learning how to drive. Many parents get nervous about letting their teens drive for the first time. If you want to ease your fears and help your teen learn as much as possible, it's a good idea to sign them up for a driving education program. They can get hands-on experience and learn the rules of the road from a professional. Here are some tips to help you prepare your teen for driving education:

Look Into Permit and License Laws in Your State

Not all states are the same, but typically your teen will need to get a driving permit before they can get their license. They will be able to learn with another licensed driver in the car while they have their permit and then can later take a test to earn their license. Before your teen takes a driving education course, they will need to get their permit. 

Follow Permit Rules

There are specific rules in place when a driver only has a permit. They may need to drive only during set hours and with a licensed driver in the car at all times. Additionally, they'll likely need to spend so many months or so many hours practicing and they will document that time before they will be eligible to take a driver license test. Be sure to understand these results early on so that you and your teen follow them carefully.

Talk About Driver Safety

It's a good idea to talk to your teen about driver and road safety. When you're out driving together, you can ask them what certain road signs mean and how to handle certain situations. This can open up communication between you both and gets them thinking about driving safely even when they're not behind the wheel. 

Sign Them Up for a Driver Education Course

Next, you'll want to sign your child up for a driver safety course. They can learn a lot more if they take part in a program like this because it's geared toward brand new drivers. They can practice driving with their instructor and this can take some of the stress away because you won't be the only one that has to take them out for driving sessions.

Look for driving schools in your area and sign your teen up now so that they can feel more comfortable, confident, and safe when driving.