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6 Ways Anti-Racism Courses Can Help Learners Unlearn Implicit Biases And Racism

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Anti-racism courses help learners develop the tools and strategies to create a more inclusive and equitable world. This post will explore how anti-racism courses can help learners unlearn implicit biases and racism. 1. Increasing Awareness One of the first steps in dismantling racism is to increase awareness of its impact and prevalence. Anti-racism courses provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the historical and social context of racism. This understanding allows learners to recognize and name the different forms of racism, from microaggressions to institutional racism. Read More»

Getting Your Diploma Can Provide Many Benefits

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Do you feel like you’ve stalled or hit a plateau in life? Are you looking for your path forward but unsure of which direction to go? If you do not yet have a diploma from a higher education program, going this route could provide significant long-term opportunities for you. Here’s why you should reach out to a local college, university, or school that offers diploma programs. A Good Investment Yes, going back to school or enrolling in higher education for the first time will of course cost you money. Read More»

High School Drivers Education? Ask These Questions Before Your Child Skips This Course

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What are the benefits of a high school driver’s education course? You could teach your teen to drive—or you could enroll them in a class/private lessons. If you’re not sure why to choose high school driving lessons, take a look at the questions to ask right now. Do You Know the Rules of the Road? You know what a stop sign means and to slow down as you approach a yellow light. Read More»