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Teach Your Toddler About Facial Differences

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Your toddler may be curious about birthmarks, facial deformities, and various skin colors that they take notice of when they are at daycare or another public setting. Use positivity when being questioned by your loved one about the differences that they notice about people and share some children’s books with them that contain material about facial differences. Use A Proactive Approach If your toddler uses verbal cues and physical gestures to indicate that they notice that another person looks very different than what they are accustomed to, they are likely ready for you to sit down with them and discuss how and why a person may have physical characteristics that look vastly unique. Read More»

The Importance of ITIL 4 Certification

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ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This service provides important information about how best to provide IT services. The most recent update is termed ITIL 4. Many consider it easier to use than earlier versions of the library. People also point out that it is more collaboration-focused and user-friendly. However, since ITIL 4 is relatively new, it can still confuse many people who are still unsure how to use it. Read More»